Hey babes! It's Stacy, I am the owner of Love Obsessed- and this is my story.

Love Obsessed was born at my dining room table in January of 2012, where I designed my first piece of jewelry.

I actually made the bracelet for myself, until a friend of mine asked if it was for sale. So I guess I have her to thank for all of this ( Thanks Dotty! ).

It was only 6 weeks after my first son, Nicholas, was born. I had a new baby boy that I was just in love with, I was planning a Valentine's Day party for my family ( my favorite holiday ) and I was just in love with love. So hence the name for my business was born - Love Obsessed.

I opened an Etsy shop, listed a few pieces, and it just took off!

My pieces started showing up in the very same fashion magazines that inspired me - Marie Claire, People, Vogue, Seventeen, and so many more!

I started doing trunk shows across the United States, traveling far and wide to tell people my story and to grow my business.

Then I started to notice something, the stores I used to shop at for my wardrobe- were looking so BASIC. Everything was the same- nothing original, inspired, different.

My wheels started turning. Hmmm......what if I started to sell clothes??

So I set up a little showroom in my house, started a VIP group on Facebook, and added a few friends. People were obsessed. Everything I bought would sell out.

So just 3 months after selling my first piece of clothing, I signed the lease for my first brick and mortar store. I opened my Quakertown store in August of 2016, just two weeks shy of giving birth to my daughter Olivia. A year later I got to open a store in my hometown, Souderton.  And our newest edition just opened in November 2018 in Lansdale, PA. It's right by the train station, so super easy to get to for my Philly girls!

OCNJ and Lehigh Valley are on the horizon for our next locations!

I work super hard, scouring this planet for the best small brands I can find.

I travel to LA every 2 months to make sure we ALWAYS have the freshest finds for you.

I hope you can come and shop our stores in person! But if you aren't local- shop our Live Sales on Facebook every Wednesday @ 7:30 PM EST. We show all New Arrivals, do a ton of giveaways, and just make fun of ourselves. The only thing that would make it better is if I could hand you a taco through the screen.

Here is the link so you can join our VIP group if you aren't already a member, make sure to stop by and say Hi!


So that's my story. And if you were sitting next to me, I'd give you a cookie just for reading it. 

<3 Stacy