About Us

Hey babes! It's Stacy, and I am the owner of Love Obsessed- and this is my story.

Love Obsessed was born at my dining room table in January of 2012, where I designed my first piece of jewelry.

I actually made the bracelet for myself, until a friend of mine asked if it was for sale. So I guess I have her to thank for all of this ( Thanks Dotty! ).

It was only 6 weeks after my first son, Nicholas, was born. I had a new baby boy that I was just in love with, I was planning a Valentine's Day party for my family ( my favorite holiday ) and I was just in love with love. So hence the name for my business was born - Love Obsessed.

I opened an Etsy shop, listed a few pieces, and it just took off!

My pieces started showing up in the very same fashion magazines that inspired me - Marie Claire, People, Vogue, Seventeen, and so many more!

I started doing trunk shows across the United States, traveling far and wide to tell people my story and to grow my business.

Then I started to notice something, the stores I used to shop at for my wardrobe- were looking so BASIC. Everything was the same- nothing original, inspired, funky.

My wheels started turning. Hmmm......what if I started to sell clothes??

So I set up a little showroom in my house, started a VIP group on Facebook, and added a few friends. People were obsessed. Everything I bought would sell out.

So just 3 months after selling my first piece of clothing, I signed the lease for my first brick and mortar store. I opened my Quakertown store in August of 2016, just two weeks shy of giving birth to my daughter Olivia. A year later I got to open a store in my hometown, Souderton.  And now we are working on our third location in Lansdale!  I don't plan on stopping there! Plans for Lehigh Valley and King Of Prussia locations are next.

 I hope you can come and shop our stores in person, as I have poured my heart and soul into them. But if you aren't local- shop our Live Sales on Facebook every Wednesday @ 7:30 PM EST. We show all New Arrivals, do a ton of giveaways, and just laugh and have a blast!

Here is the link so you can join our VIP group if you aren't already a member, make sure to stop by and say Hi!


So that's my story. And if you were sitting next to me, I'd give you a cookie just for reading it.